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How Bartenders Should Deal With Overly Drunk Customers

Being a bartender is a fun job and can earn decent pay if the bartender is diligent. There are however moments when a bartender’s job turns chaotic. Since they serve alcohol, they are bound to encounter drunk and disorderly. The first trick that bartenders are given before starting their job is that they should never serve alcohol to someone who is already looking wasted. No matter how much the customer insists, the bartender should decline. Other ways that a bartender should deal with the situation are:

Suggest Food

When people drink on empty stomachs, they will get drunk quicker unlike when they have eaten to their fill. A bartender should always remind people who are drinking to eat. When the drunkard approaches for another glass or bottle of alcohol, the bartender should suggest that they eat instead. They can also offer water or coffee. These beverages have been known to dilute the effect and absorption of alcohol in the body.

Inquire About Transport Arrangement

The bartender should also ask the customer about their plans for going home. If the customers suggest that they will be taking a taxi, then the bartender can offer to call a taxi for them as a reminder that it is time for them to leave the bar. If the customer says that they will be driving themselves, the bartender should try and convince them otherwise, as most of the accidents that occur on the road are from driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Avoid the Customer

Some drunk customers tend to get chaotic and aggressive when they notice people giving them attention. A bartender should try communicating with a customer who is acting drunk by asking them to calm down. If the customer gets violent, they can either get a bouncer to get them out, or decide to ignore the customer altogether. The more the customer is ignored, alcohol will pass through the system and they will start sobering up.