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Types of Wines in Scotland

Wine is an alcoholic drink made from fermented grape juice. The sugar is consumed by yeast and turns into ethanol, carbon dioxide and heat. Wines come in different types, which are produced from different strains of yeast. Scotland initially never used to make wine because of its cold climate. However, due to changes in weather patterns and technological advancements, many wineries have been set up in the country. The following are wine brands and types originating from Scotland.

Chateau Largo

This wine was introduced in 2015 by Christopher Trotter, who is a food blogger and a chef. It originates from the Fife region, which is warmer and close to the sea. Trotter had a dream of starting a winery in Scotland, and he proved that wine grapes could be grown in Scotland.

The Specialist: Chateau Hebrides

Chateau is a wine sold only at the local farm and is quite tasty. Donald Hope is a local wine lover is credited for coming up with this brands concept. His initial product was made from twenty black muscat vines he planted in his farm.

The Non-Scottish Scottish Wine

The non- Scottish wine is made in Chile as a tribute to a Scottish adventurer who got abandoned on the Chile coast. The wine has the adventurer’s picture on the bottle and sells by Selkirk’s Island brand name. As much as the wine isn’t made in Scotland, it has created pride for the country.

Non- Wine Grape Wineries

Scotland is known for making fruit wines instead of grape wines. There are three fruit wines: Cairn O’ Mohr Winery made from fruits and plants; Highland winery made from fruits, and Orkney wine, all made from fruits and vegetables or both.

These are some of the best Scottish wines one should try out, especially during the summer when Scotland gets warmer.