Scottish Breweries

Your Guide to a Brewery Tout

If you enjoy drinking beer and you live in Scotland, you might be interested in going on a brewery tour. There are many fine breweries in the country and while not all of them offer tours, many of them do welcome guests to visit their facilities. A beer tour will usually cost you a set fee but for that money, you will get to experience quite a lot. A tour of this kind is usually booked at a certain brewery so you can sample different beers that you might not have tasted yet.

On the other hand, you can also go to a brewery where you already know the beer but want to learn more about the background of it. You will usually be given the tour of the brewery of your choice in a group of people. On a brewery tour, you will get the opportunity to sample different beers, you might have the chance to purchase some at the end or you could even be given some to take home with you for free. You will also learn more about how the beer is brewed, giving you a new-found appreciation for what you are putting into your body.