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About Oban Bay Brewery

As a fan of beer, you know that it is made in a brewery, and you might even be familiar with the brewing process. The best place to get acquainted with and try beer is in one of these breweries. THe Oban Bay Brewery is situated in Oban, Argyll (hence the name). Providing classic Scottish ales to many bars and pubs around Scotland, Oban Bay Brewery has probably made its way into your line of sight more than once! With a wide range of beers offered by the local brewery, you are guaranteed to find something that pleases your taste.

The building itself can be found at the rear of a restaurant in Argyll called Cuan Mor, overlooking the stunning Oban Bay. An interesting fact is that the brewery was once a nightclub and it remains quite a laid-back location even today. There are tours of the Argyll based brewery and there is also a tasting room where you can sample what is available before you decide if you want to purchase it for yourself. The main brewery room can feel more like a bar at times and there are live music performances held there on a regular basis which brings something brand new to the brewery.

There are several positive reviews online by guests who have visited Oban Bay Brewery and if you check it out for yourself, you should be leaving the same kind of feedback. If you cannot get to the brewery for one reason or another, don’t worry … You can even shop for all the Oban Bay Brewery beers online which is a big convenience if you do not live too near the location. Getting the beers shipped to your home means that you can enjoy them at your own discretion without the need to go to a pub. The beers that come from us would make a welcome addition to any barbeque or celebration with family/friends where alcohol is needed.

There are other breweries in Argyll of course but we are a popular one that we feel could be worth exploring before the others. Found in Oban, Oban Bay Brewery is easy to get to whether you are a local or just visiting the town and looking for a local experience. We have a whole lot of history behind us and with amazing beers available, what more could you possibly need in a brewery