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    How Bartenders Should Deal With Overly Drunk Customers

    Being a bartender is a fun job and can earn decent pay if the bartender is diligent. There are however moments when a bartender’s job turns chaotic. Since they serve alcohol, they are bound to encounter drunk and disorderly. The first trick that bartenders are given before starting their job is that they should never serve alcohol to someone who is already looking wasted. No matter how much the customer insists, the bartender should decline. Other ways that a bartender should deal with the situation are: Suggest Food When people drink on empty stomachs, they will get drunk quicker unlike…

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    The Karl Strauss Brewing Company in San Diego

    The Karl Strauss Brewery is located in San Diego, California, USA. It is an American craft beer brewery. There are eleven brewpubs available within San Diego and the Carl Strauss Beer gets distributed in many parts of California. In 1989…

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    How About a Beer With Your Meal?

    ┬áRegardless of the location you may find yourself at, as long as you are not in some remote, inaccessible point of the globe, there will always be a choice of restaurants for you to pick your way through at dinner…

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    Best breweries in UK

    Best breweries in UK If you are particularly fussy about the beer you drink, it's important to find the best and that means finding the best breweries