Scottish Breweries

Beers at Opan Bay Brewery

Here at Oban Bay Brewery, we have a range of beers on offer so you are guaranteed to find at least one that you enjoy drinking. We aim to inject as much personality into our beers as possible both in terms of their names, the packaging and right down to the actual taste. We ship to bars, restaurants and even hotels in the local area. If you find yourself at a location that offers one of these beers, you should give it a try for yourself. The beers all have quirky names that are sure to raise a laugh and they are as follows.

  • Skinny Blonde

If you are usually a lager drinker, then Skinny is your best friend. It’s a pale ale with some slight fruity tastes that are sure to be appealing to your palate. It has 4.1% ABV so it could be a nice way to ease into your evening slowly without getting too intoxicated right away.

  • Fair Puggled

A classic Scottish stout, Fair Puggled could not be any different from Skinny Blonde! There are three coloured malts used in the beer and wheat malt which gives it the complex dark colour. While there might be some small hints of fruit in there, a certain spice is also apparent with a blatant hoppy finish that will leave you in no doubt to the manliness of the beer. The stout is slightly stronger at 4.6% ABV.

  • Kilt Lifter

This cheeky-named beer is an Indian inspired pale ale with an amber hue to it. While it does have quite a bitter taste to it initially, this is smoothed out with a caramel touch that is melt in your mouth amazing. Kilt Lifter is 3.9% ABV.

  • Skelpt Lug

If you enjoy hoppy beers, you are going to love this one, which is 4.2% ABV. It has a malty taste to it which is because it’s brewed with wheat malt and coloured malts, this also gives it an interesting reddish-brown colour that is quite rare with other beers. A slight taste of fruit comes through with this beer but not too much.

  • Ginger Jakey

This red coloured beer is delicious with a slightly bitter flavour coupled with a spicy aroma that is sure to make Ginger Jakey a firm favourite of yours from the Oban Bay Brewery. This beer has a 4.2% ABV and is one of the best sellers.

  • Scallywager

The final staple beer in our lineup is Scallywager. This session beer, which is just 4.0% ABV, boasts strong and prominent flavours and citrus undertones. It is a really refreshing drink with a crisp, hoppy taste that will leave you wanting another one right away.