The Karl Strauss Brewing Company in San Diego

The Karl Strauss Brewery is located in San Diego, California, USA. It is an American craft beer brewery. There are eleven brewpubs available within San Diego and the Carl Strauss Beer gets distributed in many parts of California.

In 1989 the Brewery was officially founded by the Master Brewer Karl Strauss, who used to be an employee at the Pabst Brewing Company. Strauss had hundreds of beer recipes in his library, which helped the company in their early beginnings.

Until his death in 2006 Karl Strauss himself was actively brewing his beer and helped the company to create new sorts of craft beers as well as served as the spokesman of the company named after him.

The first brewpub of the Karl Strauss Brewing Company was opened in 1989 and located in the Downtown San Diego. By this time the Karl Strauss Brewery became the first brewpub that was ever located in San Diego since the last one was closed in 1953.

During those days the American brewing industry wasn’t as strong as it is today and there was mostly mass-produced light beer with a mild taste. But the owners of Karl Strauss were driven by higher goals and believed that they could create beer with more personality.

So in 1991 Karl Strauss started to produce its own craft beer and just five years later they had to move to a bigger brewing location, located in Pacific Beach, Sand Diego. Within the same year Karl Strauss opened its second brewpub in Sorrento Mesa, San Diego, followed by other brewpubs located in La Jolla (San Diego/California), Carlsbad (California), Costa Mesa (California), Temecula (California), Anaheim (California) and another one Downtown Los Angeles as well as a brewpub at the Universal Citywalk in LA (California). So if you plan on taking a trip within the next few months, California could be the destination of your choice. If you prefer colder regions Accommodation Engelberg could be the right place for you.

As years went by, the Karl Strauss Brewing Company became famous for its individual craft beers that are available in many different flavors. Actually, there is a special brew that celebrates the “Oktoberfest” that is staged in Bavaria (Germany) every year in October.

The Brewery also offers special events for groups who want to visit the brewery and learn everything about brewing beer as well as Brewery Weddings for couples who love the Karl Strauss beer as much as they do each other.

Many beers from the Karl Strauss brewery got awarded with many trophies such as the famous “Red Trolley Ale” that won several prizes through the years.

Other famous sorts that were brewed by Karl Strauss are “Windansea Wheat”, “Columbia Street Amber”, “Mosaic Session IPA” or the “Tower 10 IPA”.

Chris Cramer and Matt Rattner are the owners of the brewery and lead as private owners since the early beginnings.