Breweries in UK

The Brewing Process; An Overview

There are many breweries all over the UK and they are interesting places, usually with a whole lot of history behind them. But do you know what a brewery is?

A brewery otherwise known as a brewing house is a business that makes and sells beer. The brewing process for beer isn’t easy but a brewery certainly makes it look this way, which you will see if you go on a tour of a brewery. There is special equipment in breweries which helps to get the beer just perfect before supermarkets, pubs and another business purchase the finished product.

There are 9 steps in the brewing process, these are as follows.

  • Milling

This is the physical crushing of malt kernels, making them into smaller particles which eventually makes it easier to turn into beer further down the line.

    • Malting

Malting is when the grain is steeped in water, rested for a while before being dried in a kiln. This basically gets the grain ready to become malt for the brewing process.

      • Mashing

This is the process that hydrates the barley and converts the grain into fermentable sugars.

      • Lautering

Lautering is when the mash is separated into a clear liquid wort and residual grain ready for the next step in the process.

      • Boiling

The wort is then boiled for between 1-2 hours, this is the most difficult step in the brewing process and it’s crucial that it is done correctly.

      • Fermenting

Yeast is extracted and the wort is turned into beer, alcohol has successfully been created!

After this has been done, the beer still needs to be conditioned, filtered and filled before it is perfect.